This WebSite is Dedicated to Rabbitron (and Skipper)


I have grown to know and love rabbits. They are a wonderful joy to come home to everyday, they are funny, silly, dignified, wise, loving, and very resilient. All of them I’m known have been such distinct personalities that it is difficult to define what a rabbit is like to people who don’t know. They have taught me so much about life with their lives and with their passings. I hope to spread the word about how wonderful rabbits are and that they deserve so much more than what they typically get.


This website is dedicated to Rabbitron, a grey minilop bunny I brought home from the Laplata County Fair in Durango Colorado in the 1986. I learned much from her but not enough to realise all my mistakes at the time. I could have used a House Rabbit Handbook then, If I only knew then what I know now I would have better understood her behavior and her health needs. This site is dedicated to Rabbitron to help well meaning but misinformed people who have a good heart to find out more about their rabbits and so they can learn to appreciate the subtle joys of knowing and caring for a rabbit.

Who Am I, Anyway?

I’m Tracy Martin, a graphic designer and rabbit wrangler who lives in Spokane Washington. I’m on the board of River’s WishAnimal Sanctuary and dedicate much of my time caring for my many rabbits, creating the rabbitron campaign. If you have questions about rabbits I will try to help you. Send me an email.


Skipper and I had a special bond. She passed on February 12th 2006. I have seven wonderful years with her and will never forget her beauty and friendship. I loved every minute I had with her.

She was found as a tiny baby after being attacked by a cat. She came from feral parents who were no doubt former Easter bunnies themselves. She was an independent rabbit and her personality was perfectly suited for travel. She was still a “palm sized rabbit” when she made her first trip to Black Mountain lookout tower in Idaho (if you go you can see her entry in the log!)

She also traveled to many other far away places such as Reno Nevada, California’s Red Wood Forest, and the coastline and beaches of Northern California and Oregon. In Washington she’s been to Palouse Falls numerous times, Queets Rainforest, Dosewallops, Lake Crescent, Port Angeles, Wenatchee, Index, Leavenworth and of course she’s been to Seattle several times as well as ridden the ferries. In Idaho she’s been to many places including Lewiston, Coeur d’Alene, and Wallace. She’s been all though Montana and stayed in Bozeman and Livingston several times. In Wyoming she’s been to Yellowstone, the Tetons, the Bighorn Mountains, and of course Jackson Hole. In 2005 she took a road trip with us all through British Columbia, including Vancouver Island and Victoria, and then on to Whistler, and Hope and more.

Not only was she the best traveling rabbit you could ever hope for, she was the most beautiful rabbit in the whole world – really! Skipper did so much for me because she truly wanted to be with me and loved me. And I loved Skipper with all my heart and would do anything for her.

Skipper’s health began to deteriorate in late 2005. She was diagnosed with Spondylosis and then other things began to happen, she lost weight and her digestion was off. I took her to the vets and also to acupuncture treatments to try and help her. She was a brave rabbit and always ate well and enjoyed our cuddling sessions, so when I discovered that she had an enlarged heart and her kidneys were failing her I knew she hid her symptoms from me. She did her best to stay with me but on Feb. 12th 2006, I had to help her out of her pain.

I will miss Skipper forever but even though I am still grieving for her I wouldn’t have given up the experience of our relationship for anything.